Alex Kwan

Technology | Software Engineer at Microsoft

Alex is currently a software engineer at Microsoft Vancouver. Over his career he has worked at wide variety of roles in contracting, startups, and large enterprise companies such as BlackBerry and Microsoft. He grew up on Vancouver Island and came to Vancouver for post secondary education. His skill level jumped up many magnitudes when he had gone to BCIT and finished his post secondary at SFU where he was able to work with BlackBerry and network throughout Waterloo and Ontario. He moved back to Vancouver and worked at a startup, QuickMobile, working on BlackBerry and Android applications. Working with the startup scene was very enlightening on the realities of users wants and needs. He later saw an opportunity moving to Microsoft and made the transition to empower even more users than ever before by working on OneNote at the Microsoft Canada Excellence Center. He looks forward to mentoring and helping to shape the future in both technology and the industry itself.

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