Andrew H. Yoon

Accounting | Senior Manager at Grant Thornton LLP


Andrew H. Yoon, CPA, CA is a Senior Manager at Grant Thornton LLP and has 7 years of experience with principal focus on the provision of assurance services to publicly accountable entities and financial institutions/services. Andrew also has significant experience leading multi-location, multi-national audits where he is responsible for liaising and coordinating teams from different offices. Andrew originally graduated from University of British Columbia with Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry. However, changing his career path, he soon completed the Diploma in Accounting Program at UBC and started working at Grant Thornton LLP in 2011. He obtained his Chartered Professional Accountants, Chartered Accountants (CPA, CA) in 2014. As part of his work, Andrew had the chance to travel to various places in Canada, USA, South America and even South Korea.

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