Annual Programs

C3 Leadership Conference


C3 Leadership Conference is one of C3 Society's largest annual events. C3 Leadership Conference provides an opportunity for post-secondary students, recent graduates and young professionals from Metro Vancouver to participate in workshops and seminars on leadership and explore potential career paths. A mentorship program connects students with 1.5 and 2nd generation Korean-Canadian professionals in a variety of fields, including media, education, business, dentistry, law enforcement, and fine arts.

The goal of the C3 Leadership Conference is to facilitate your personal and professional development and, by doing so, enable you to reach your full potential. This is your chance to tap into the invaluable knowledge and expertise of successful individuals from a wide variety of professions, brought together for one day to show you how to make that next big leap forward.


C3 Camp Korea


Camp Korea is a fun-filled educational, camping experience for children centered around Korean culture and language that began in 2006. In August, children from across B.C. experience Korea in Canada through participation in a variety of recreational and cultural activities, including language lessons, visual and performing arts, games and sports. It is for children in grades 2 to 7 focused on Korean culture and language. Camp Korea also includes a Counsellor-In-Training (CIT) program for youth in grades 8 to Grade12, who have previously attended the camp or who would like to become camp staff counselors in the future.



C3 Networking Events & AGM

C3 hosts two to three networking events every year. One is usually done in Feb, prelude to C3 Leadership Conference happening in March, and the other one usually in November. The networking event is open to everyone. AGM is held in the summer, usually with BBQ. 

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