Grace Oh

Grace Oh is the Crown Counsel for the BC Ministry of Justice and continue to be privileged with a career that she has loved since 1997. Born in the US and raised in Ottawa, she graduated from UBC Law School in 1993, was called to the BC bar in 1994 and have been among the many Provincial Crown Counsel responsible for criminal prosecutions since 1997. She is currently Crown Counsel at the Provincial Court in North Vancouver - focusing on all aspects of pre-trial decision making including charge assessment, pre-trial disclosure, plea negotiations and sentencings. I speak daily with justice system participants (victims, witnesses, police, social workers and counsel) within often emotionally charged and conflict laden contexts. She has prosecuted all manner of offences ranging from traffic matters to murder, working mainly in the downtown east side of Vancouver. She has mentored students and junior counsel through UBC Law School programs and annual Crown Counsel Conferences.

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