Career Workshops

You will have to choose two of the four workshops that will be led by an exciting guest speaker. All three workshops are interactive and engaging sessions where distinguished guests come out to inspire you. The followings are the four workshops prepared.

#1 Energetic Red – What the new CKFTA will mean to you.


The colour red symbolizes energy and opportunities. This workshop will provide an overview of the new CKFTA agreement and details, how this will impact Korean Canadians and small and medium-sized businesses in Canada, as well as a chance to ask our workshop facilitators any questions you may have about the agreement. The workshop will provide insight into new ways of doing business, opening up new opportunities to Korean Canadians. 


#2 Creative Orange – Creating your personal brand and honing your networking skills.


Orange symbolizes creativity and attraction. In this workshop, we will focus on how to build your own personal brand and how to use this brand to stand out at networking functions. The workshop will include a mini networking session.


#3 Balancing Green – Finding and maintaining your work-life balance.



#4 Resourceful Purple – An overview of careers in the resources industry.


Purple is associated with ambition and being resourceful. In this workshop, representatives from the resources industry will provide an overview of the resources industry and details on career paths available in the industry. 


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