Networking Session

The most important skill of your career will be networking skills. A stranger you meet today might be your future boss, business partner, or your spouse! The most effective way to build the skill is to practice. That’s why we have a networking session where you can mingle with other mentors that you didn’t have chance to talk to in the Round Table session. Or you can talk to other delegates and make friends!

The network session will be 45 minutes long and you will have total freedom. Mentors know that you probably didn’t have much chance to carry out a “networking” social moves before so don’t be so intimidated. This is a safe environment where mentors want to talk with you. Don’t be stuck in your friends’ circle and challenge yourself to talk to any many new people as you can!

Don’t be afraid to ask for the mentors contact to follow up and make sure you bring your business card too.

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