Roundtable Sessions with Mentors

Mentors are asked to participate in a career roundtable session, where each mentor will be assigned to a table of approximately two to five delegates who have interests in the career field of the mentor. This is an interactive session between a mentor and delegates. We encourage mentors to provide brief stories about their career paths, insights into their industry and answer delegates’ questions.

Few days before the conference, mentors are provided with background information about the delegates they are paired with, along with any specific question the delegate had for them. There are two roundtable sessions.

Delegates can optionally specify which mentor they would like to be paired with during the online registration.

If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, please check out last year's the C3 LC2015 Mentorship Package and let us know by registering online. Our mentorship liaison volunteer will get in touch with you shortly after. 


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