Networking Workshop

Unique to this year, the 2017 C3 Leadership will host a networking workshop for delegates. Based on the feedback from previous years, this workshop’s purpose is to explore the role of the mentors and mentees and to develop networking skills from seasoned professionals in the human resources field. At the end of the workshop, delegates will have developed first-hand knowledge on how to effectively network, to engage with mentors, and to further their careers.

You can expect in-depth strategies and insight from those who live and breathe networking as their 9 to 5. In the workshop, delegates will also have an opportunity to engage in role-play activity to practice their newly-found skills. Delegates will also get to understand where mentorship fits in their continued career path. 

We strongly encourage all delegates to attend this workshop. Delegates have expressed in past conferences that they would have liked to learn the tools and approaches to networking prior to networking events. Many firmly believe in developing these skills to build meaningful relationships and become successful leaders for the future.


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