From Ming Ming


From Ming Ming, C3 Leadership Conference 2016 Delegate

It's really hard to meet people who are not your colleague and who are not your classmates. But here is a really a place where you can meet people who are really different from you, to meet more people, where you can enhance your networking… this is a wonderful place to really learn and expand your social networking.

From Samuel Lee


From Samuel Lee, C3 Leadership Conference 2014 Delegate

This was my first time attending the leadership conference. I got there not knowing what to expect, but 5 minutes into the first speaker’s speech, I found myself deeply inspired and mind-blown. The mentors were amazing – they provided great insights and honest feedbacks that very encouraging. I also felt that being surrounded by so many inspirational people helped me to really visualize myself down the road in 5, 10 years.

From J. Cho


From Josh Cho, C3 Leadership Conference 2014 Delegate

The beauty of this is the collective effort coming together as one community, refining & thriving to make the society better. As Korean-Canadians, we are coming together, sharing insights, encouraging ideas, kindling creativity, inspiring new potentials, propelling development, cultivating growth, igniting passion and developing meaningful relationships through networking, learning, reflecting, advising, exploring and mutual mentorship. I say mutual mentorship because as mentors are sharing experiences and years-worth of wisdom, not only do mentees take it back with them but mentors also could pick up new things applicable to their journeys ahead. For the years to come, the mastering of mutual mentorship will serve as the pillar relationships that will be THE foundation to building a stronger Korean-Canadian community in Vancouver, in Canada, even internationally. It’s what we do with the notes we took during the talks, the workshops, the sessions-that will determine our individual contribution to this commitment. Will I act upon it? or will I brush it off and wait till next conference? Here’s a phrase one of my closest sorority sister shared with me back in my first year at UBC: “Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others. And Jane, a true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. She does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of her actions and the integrity of her intent.” – The key word here is “actions.”
-Best of wishes to all my fellow C3 delegates!

From Ally Han


From Ally Han, C3 Leadership Conference 2014 Delegate

Having attended numerous school-related networking events, I honestly did not think that C3 Leadership Conference would be personally meaningful, memorable, or useful to me. However, I realize that I was completely wrong to pre-judge the event. The LC 2014 event allowed me to meet some of the brightest, ambitious, and like minded Korean-Canadian peers of my ages. In addition, I was touched and inspired by wonderful mentors who understood the problems that young adult Korean-Canadians like myself face while transiting from university to the Canadian labour market. Mentors such as these, can be great assets in one’s life. Not only do they understand the dilemma that we face at this point of our lives, they are able to give practical and honest advice from first hand experience. Also, it was the positive energy that filled the conference room which excited me the most and left the greatest impression in my mind. Above all, knowing that there are like minded peers of the same ethnic background to support me and a society in Vancouver that I can belong to is quiet encouraging and valuable to me.

From Steve Kim

Steve Kim, a volunteer C3 Leadership Conference 2013 talks about how he met his current boss at C3 LC 2013.

From Daniel Kim

Daniel, who attended C3 Leadership Conference 2012, invites you to LC2014. He will be volunteering for the conference and shares his experience.

From James Kim

JamesKim.jpgI’ve attended C3 almost every year since it’s inception; yet, year after year they never fail to amaze and enlighten me. Every year is jam packed with innovative approaches and variety of mentors to engage and inspire delegates to their fullest. Moreover, there is a helpful and friendly expert in almost every possible job field in Vancouver as an event mentor that you can deeply engage with at the event (check the mentor lists). C3LC is increasingly the most well organized and informative Korean-Canadian networking event in Vancouver for students, fresh graduates and new professionals. Furthermore, it is exponentially growing far beyond the boundaries being a Korean only event. The entire event is run in English so don’t be afraid to join if you are not Korean or don’t speak any, you wont ever need to. Oh did I mention it is also fun at the same time? Make sure you book the entire day off because they throw a wicked after party where most of the mentors stick around to show you they work hard and play hard!

From Michael Jang Wan Son

MichaelJangWanSon.png안녕하세요! 전 2013년 C3 리더쉽 컨퍼런스에 참가했던 손 장완 입니다. 2013년에 참 여러가지 일들이 많이 있었지만, 그 중에서도  C3 리더쉽 컨퍼런스는 참 기억에 남고 뜻깊었던 행사로 기억됩니다. 흥미로운 스피커, 알찬 워크샵들, 그리고 사회의 곳곳에서 활발하게 활동하고 계시는 멘토들과의 만남들. 정말 많은 것을 느끼고 배울 수 있었던 자리였습니다. 2014년에도 기대를 저버리지 않는 C3 리더쉽 컨퍼런스가 되리라고 생각됩니다. 모두 컨퍼런스에서 뵐께요!

Hi all. This is Michael Son, one of the delegates of the 2013 C3 Leadership Conference. Among many events in 2013, C3 Leadership conference was definitely one of the highlights. Thanks to interesting speeches, well-organized workshops, and net-working opportunities with mentors from diverse backgrounds, I had a wonderful time and learned so much. I believe 2014 C3 Leadership Conference will be a blast as well. See you all at the conference!

From Shin Ae Lee

ShineAeLee.jpg저는 2013년 C3 리더십 컨퍼런스에 참가한 이 신애 라고 합니다. 컨퍼런스에 참석하기 전까지는 솔직히 CA (현CPA) 과정을 밟아가고 있어서 제가 걸어가고 있는 길이 확실하였기 때문에 참가의 필요성을 크게 느끼지는 못하였습니다.  하지만 참석을 통하여 같은 분야에 종사하고 있는 선배나 친구들도 많이 알게 되었고 멘토들을 통하여 업무의 고민이나 일자리에서 겪는 어려움들을 어떻게 효과적으로 대처하는지 상담 받기도 하였습니다. 또한 에프터 파티에서는 여러 분야에 종사하시는 멘토분들을 만나 네트워킹을 할수 있어서 좋았습니다. 여러분들도 2014년 LC 에서 좋은 멘토분들과 뜻깊은 시간 보내셨으면 좋겠습니다.

From James Park:

JamesPark.jpgThe lessons that I learned from the LC 2013 involved two main things: professional success through commitment, and the importance of networking. The workshops and the speakers at the LC were very helpful as mentors from different backgrounds shared their experiences. Listening to how they committed to professional success, in spite of hardships, taught me resilience. I also had the privilege to meet one of my mentors, Yong-Jae Kim of Gowlings, at the LC 2013. After almost a year since the LC 2013, we still meet on a regular basis and chat, and these chat sessions are very inspiring. Having attended numerous industry and professional development conferences, I can speak to the fact that this access to top-tier mentorship with dedicated mentors is something that is unique to the C3 Leadership Conference.

From Irene Chai

IreneChai.jpgI attended C3 LC both in 2012 and 2013 and I gained so much from attending the conference! First, I could meet many mentors who are willing to help out young people like myself – I still maintain positive, ongoing mentor-mentee relationship with them. The conference also offered practical tips on how to build up my career/excel in a professional world. The tips covered from details such as the words, gestures one should not use to attitudes Asian Canadians should have in order to succeed in professional world in Canada. I would strongly recommend students/young professionals to attend this event.

Testimonial from past delegate - Josh Cho


The 2014 C3 Leadership Conference was the first ever conference that I attended and it was a great time. The thought provoking speeches, helpful mentors, and awesome participants made my first experience a great one. I was exposed to different perspectives that mentors and fellow participants had on careers and just life in general. This helped me reflect on my own plans for the future and evaluate my own career path. This is a great way to meet inspiring professionals and other students who are also trying to take the next big step in their careers.

Testimonial from past mentor - Tina Chen

"I was first invited by Senator Yonah Martin to be a mentor at the C3 Leadership conference, not knowing anything about what I had committed a day to. I soon found out what a high calibre team was behind this youth leadership movement. It's was born from love, carried forward with passion, and delivered with vibrancy! It's rejuvenating to be amongst shiny new graduates and young professionals, eager to learn and thrive in their career and lives. It was inspiring to meet fellow mentors and learn about their challenges and success. Many have become lifelong friends. I'm honored to attend every year for the last 3 years. I hope you join us in cultivating the next generation of inspired leaders!" - Tina Chen