Phil Seo

phil_seo.jpgPhil brings 12 years of diverse management consulting experience from his involvement in over 50 projects across 8 industries. He is currently the manager of Vancity’s Business Transformation internal consulting team and previously worked in Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations division. He has experience working, studying and volunteering across 5 continents, including delivering a complex process redesign project for a major client in Iran, building a strategic business plan for a not for profit in Fiji, and teaching at risk elementary school students in Kenya. He won the Most Outstanding Male Student Award during his B.Com from Sauder as well as the Community Fellows Award during his MBA from Berkeley. Phil has mentored Sauder students through the Executive Mentor Program since graduating in 2003, and is excited to be volunteering for the C3 Leadership Conference for the first time this year.

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