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The Fergusons with Big Hearts

10943133_10155023687340391_1508237886_o.jpgThe Fergusons couple(부부) opened up their generous hearts to become the Event Sponsor for C3 Pre-Leadership Conference Meet Up / CKFTA & U, happening on Jan 27th, 2015. This event brings together more than hundred individuals who are past and future mentors and delegates at the annual C3 Leadership Conference. Also, guest speakers are invited to talk about the historical FTA between Canada and Korea, officially rectified in 2015, and what it means for the Korean Canadian community in Vancouver.

Let me introduce the Fergusons little bit more. They deserve the credit for making this event happen and providing the crowd with a wonderful spread of appetizers and drinks. YES! 

Stephen Ferguson is an ICBC Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver and his reputation precedes him in this town. He works for the Simpson Thomas & Associate, a firm that always made the Korean speaking service available for ages.

Esther Chung Ferguson is also a lawyer specializing in Business and Real Estate Development. You now know who does all the paper work for all the new condos being built in Vancouver. Her legal talent resides at Lando & Company LLP office in downtown.

Esther and I go way back. I knew her from the early high school era when our families went to the same church. But I lost touch with her during the college days until I started noticing her at many of the community events. Then I found how she just keeps giving back to the community. She serves on the board of many organizations that share similar interests, such as HYPE and Vancouver Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation

I haven't had the pleasure to meet Stephen yet but being married to a Korean woman, I can already relate to him. We will have so much to talk about when we meet at this event. When Esther is not around, we will talk. Oh yes we will. Esther told me many times how supportive Stephen is when it comes to serving the Korean Canadian community. Not only he withstands lonely nights when Esther goes to these volunteer meetings stretching into late evenings, he also displays his support by accompanying her to many of these community events and do not hesitate to generously donate for the cause as well. 

Just because they are lawyers, I couldn't resist asking them to give me a nice statement for the upcoming Leadership Conference 2015. So here it is:

"The Fergusons strongly believe in the importance of mentorship for Korean youth and young adults. They are pleased to be given this opportunity to support C3 Leadership Conference 2015 with the theme of "Find(ing) Your True Colour". They encourage everyone to seek opportunities to be a mentor or a participant at the conference, and also hope that everyone have a great time at the 27th event."

So for their generous support, on behalf of C3, I thank you Fergusons. I look forward to connect with you guys at the upcoming event!

 - Written by Jack Cha, C3 BoD, IT Operations -

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