Taking Part in the October 20 Municipal Elections

Dear valued members of C3 Korean Canadian Society,

As the Chair of C3, I am proud to say that our organization has been going strong for the past 14+ years continually finding ways to bridge the local Korean Community with the Greater Vancouver Community. Next week, the municipal districts in the Greater Vancouver will elect representatives to voice their opinions on issues we care about such as regulating businesses, funding for programs, projects and community services, housing regulations, and more.

One of our key mandates dating back to 2003 is non-partisanship and we've been consistent with this approach. This time around we emphasize the importance to exercise your civil rights by voting!

Our team in collaboration with UBC's Korean Arts Student Association student body has created a "fact sheet" document to raise awareness of key dates and issues that are represented at the city level. Our ultimate goal is to encourage increased voter participation within our Korean Community. We hope you take the time to review and share this document amongst your colleagues, friends and peers to ensure your rightful participation.

C3 Vote Brochure (Korean & English)

If you are curious and want to have a better understanding of the political parties and candidates that are represented in your district, please refer to this source for more details.

We look forward to seeing you at the polls on October 20th! Please vote!



Tina Langford and the C3 Board of Directors

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