From Ally Han


From Ally Han, C3 Leadership Conference 2014 Delegate

Having attended numerous school-related networking events, I honestly did not think that C3 Leadership Conference would be personally meaningful, memorable, or useful to me. However, I realize that I was completely wrong to pre-judge the event. The LC 2014 event allowed me to meet some of the brightest, ambitious, and like minded Korean-Canadian peers of my ages. In addition, I was touched and inspired by wonderful mentors who understood the problems that young adult Korean-Canadians like myself face while transiting from university to the Canadian labour market. Mentors such as these, can be great assets in one’s life. Not only do they understand the dilemma that we face at this point of our lives, they are able to give practical and honest advice from first hand experience. Also, it was the positive energy that filled the conference room which excited me the most and left the greatest impression in my mind. Above all, knowing that there are like minded peers of the same ethnic background to support me and a society in Vancouver that I can belong to is quiet encouraging and valuable to me.

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