Yoona Kim

Yoona_Kim.jpgReceived an Associate's degree in Fashion Design and a Bachelor's degree in International Trade and Marketing from Fashion Institute of Technology, located in New York City, Yoona Kim has in-depth understanding of the apparel and textile industry. The four-year hands-on experience in apparel production and quality assurance and her personal project, which she traveled to different regions in South Korea to interview twelve Korean traditional textile artists and published a book, prove her passion and persistence. One of her current projects is to organize a group exhibition with a number of North American natural dyers to educate public audience about the alternative way of producing sustainable colors. She gets inspiration from Korean traditional craftsmanship, mainly those involving weaving, natural fibers and traditional colors; it won’t take too long to see her promote the craftsmanship by researching and writing about people behind the artwork in near future.

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